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Dirt Racing Mobile 3D Free

4.2 ( 2352 ratings )
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개발자: Windowed Universe LLC
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iPhone 4s, iPad 2 and newer **

Dirt Racing Mobile 3D Free is a Universal app.
Enjoy it on all of your iOS Devices.

--- Key Features ---

- Advanced Vehicle Physics Simulation (Each car has
its own original physics).

- Test drive all 7 Car Classes on 2 Tracks with Tacky and Slick versions of each.

- Race "Track 6 - Tacky" with 4 Car Classes
- Street Stocks
- Crate Late Models
- 305 Sprints Winged
- 305 Sprints Wingless

- 12 Car Fields - Race against 11 AI opponents!!

- Dynamic AI (Ai cars dynamically choose their racing
lines, providing an original experience each race!)

**** Developer Notes ****

We recommend that you drive the slower "Crate" cars first
to learn each car. It makes learning to drive the higher
horsepower versions much easier.

For any feedback, please contact us via:
Twitter: @Windowed
Facebook: Windowed Universe LLC