Dirt Racing Mobile 3D Free App Reviews

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Awesome game

I cant wait till this game sees new things in the future such as maybe online, better graphics, customization of car, etc.. but super surprised on how good game ran on my phone and iPad for only being the one update!! I recommend to all dirt racing fans / drivers (I race an imca hobby stock)

Good, but

I have looked all over for a dirt racing game like this, this game has great graphics and it is kind of life like. I wish this game was more life like, kind of like a simulator, and I wish there were more cars available, I whish the makers of this game would make more updates, and I will try to get all of my racing friends to get this app,( I race Junior 2 dirt go karts)

Needs fixing!!

You need to fix the sensitivity of this game!! Its a fun game to play, but you cant control the cars and the buttons dont alway work. You need to make them more controllable. The more the control or upgrades you can give to us the customers will be great!

Could be an AWESOME game

The only thing keeping me from giving this game more stars is the terrible contact with other cars. Ive stayed in the back of the pack and watched the cars in front of me bounce off each other like a pinball machine and they dont wreck, yet if I so much as come within a foot of them my car goes spinning for days. Its a good enough game that it keeps me wanting to play, but fix this and Ill give it more stars and buy the non-demo version.

Love it!

Really enjoy the game. I grew up racing asphalt but still enjoyed watching a good dirt track when I could. Id love to see a asphalt version made!

LOVE this game but....

I want to buy the full game its just after I looked at updates, there arent any. If you guys were to update the app more, possibly add some more cars/tracks/graphics to the cars, I would definetly buy the full game.


I love dirt track racing and raced myself but this game is terrible. I cant get around the track without spinning out all the time. I adjusted the sensitivity of the controls and it helped some but not nearly enough. I know well enough you dont spin out that easily on a dirt track. Very frustrating and will probably be deleting this off my phone.

Good game

Its a good game and all just should add more cars on demo and tracks


We needs some updates for this game ASAP !! Better graphics.

Great game

The car controls and the physics are just like the cars in real life. People obviously dont know how these cars handle based on the reviews. The only things I dont like/arent like the real life racing is that 1 If car hits you, you spin out or flip but if you try and do the same thing to another car it might as well be a tank 2: Where mah yellow flags? Usually when a car spins they yellow flag and then they get lined up again and continue the race. Overall great game just needs a few small things before I go and spend 4 bucks on it.

Good game

Less slide and car is too light.

More improvements

The game is good but it needs a few impvrovements like haveing more tracks and you should have a cushion it will make the top side really competetatave also have all the cars we can practice with to be able to race with them and you should add midget cars then ill give it a five star

For free its amazing

This game is amazing for the price of "free" the only thing I think it needs is yellow flags and cosmetic damage when crashed ...all in all this game is truly the best for the free game dirt track section

Good game

Its a great game just that whenever you hit another car or they hit you they dont budge and you usually spin out if you hit them in the quarter panel or they hit you in the quarter panel. Good game other than that.

Game is broken

Okay, first off, I expected the game to be good, seeing it had a variety of cars to choose, but then I played it. The cars are unrealistically bouncable, and nearly everything that you even lightly tap wrecks you some how. The cars dont handle as well as the real ones do as well. The game is just purely broken. Please oh please just fix this game... I beg of you.", developers, at least make the cars realistic in some way and not be like things from the show "Power Rangers" where if you tap something it goes flying a whole 100 yards.. Its be very well appreciated!

Great game

This game is awesome but needs some changes like it needs a big block modified in it and for ur setups to see if the car needs to be loose or tight or not.

Amazing game

Super awesome game. Runs amazingly smooth. Amazing physics! The AI are great, their lines are perfect. Very sim like game!


When u turn it like go to quickly and the car will spin out and go streat to the walls u need to fix the game and add big blocks and small blocks and the little won too

So close, yet so far

I thought FINALLY! A decent dirt racer. But the controls are too sensitive. I spend half my time spinning out. When I race cautiously so I dont lose control, then I cant pass anyone. Thats not fun, just frustrating.

Great game!! Great start

Took me awhile to get used to it but i like it but should add tire setups and other setups ect... Love it but takes time to get used to it.

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